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  • Dragon Blade (2015)

    Dragon Blade (2015)

    Sinopsis : Lost Roman soldiers navigate their way through China.

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  • Mystic Blade (2013)

    Mystic Blade (2013)

    Sinopsis : Sam is a killer by trade, one of a group of merciless men known as the Shadow Syndicate whose business is delivering fate for a price. But when Sam is asked to erase the line between honor.

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  • Kingdom of Conquerors (2013)

    Kingdom of Conquerors (2013)

    Sinopsis : Set in early 13th century, Daoist monk Qiu Chuji traveled for 2 years to stop Genghis Khan and his soldiers from killing in Europe and Asia.

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  • Travelers : Dimension Police (2013)

    Travelers : Dimension Police (2013)

    Sinopsis: Dimension Police top agent Ai (Nao Nagasawa) travels to a parellel dimension to catch a criminal from a different world. When she is about to catch the criminal, her former partner Yui (Ayumi Kinoshita) appears. Yui is now a member of the terrorist organisation “Dauto”. Haruka (Yuko Takayama), who possesses psychic powers, becomes the target of “Dauto”. In order to protect Haruka, Ai travels to a “fairy” world. There Ai meets Yui again.

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  • Kung Fu Man (2012)

    Kung Fu Man (2012)

    Sinopsis: It tells the story of the Chinese Kung Fu Man Chen Ping who protects a young boy named “Christophe” from his kidnappers.

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  • Black Butler (2014)

    Black Butler (2014)

    Sinopsis: Cerita film ini mengisahkan dunia masa depan di tahun 2020 di mana seorang perempuan bernama Shiori Genpo (diperankan Ayame Goriki) yang terpaksa menyamar menjadi seorang pria bernama Kiyoharu Genpo karena hanya seorang pria yang dapat menjadi kepala keluarga Phantomhive dan menjadi pimpinan dari Phantom Corporation.

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  • Bang Bang (I) (2014)

    Bang Bang (I) (2014)

    Sinopsis: A chance encounter of the unassuming bank receptionist Harleen Sahni with the charming yet mysterious Rajveer Nanda, results in an on-rush of ditched planes, car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem. But as the transcontinental chase ensues with Rajveer convincing Harleen that he’s the good guy, can she really trust him, and will trust matter when the bullets start flying?

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  • Prince of the City (2012)

    Prince of the City (2012)

    Sinopsis: Prince Amara, the capable and reliable adopted son of Malaysian billionaire Jaggoi Sibuyan is the pride of the family, more so than his full-blooded son Putra Sibuyan. When the powerful patriarch of Dana Corporation dies, Prince inherits the successful company but the jealous Putra frames him for murder. Shamed and beaten, Prince is banished from the country and told that he will be killed if he returns to Malaysia. With the help of entrepreneurial gangster Ben Carlton and killer […]

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  • Kungfu Fighter  ( 2013 )

    Kungfu Fighter ( 2013 )

    Sinopsis: Cheng Feng is a former inmate turned action star. When he is at the top of his acting career, he is challenged by an American action star called Peter who as a background in real martial arts. Cheng Feng loses the fight and his life and career spiral downward. Cheng Feng looks for the help of his friends Li Qi, Kui and Ke Lin to bring him back on top. He trains in real martial arts with Li Qi. […]

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  • Red Force (1989)

    Red Force (1989)

    Sinopsis: A veteran mobster finds that not only are the police after him, but so are members of his own gang, led by a young gangster who wants to take over.

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  • Z Storm (2014)

    Z Storm (2014)

    Sinopsis: This is a story about the biggest financial fraud attempted in Hong Kong, directed at the Government of Hong Kong and involved all 7 million Hong Kong citizens… no one is free from the scheme. Within the four decades of guarding Hong Kong’s financial integrity, the ICAC has never come across an opponent so huge and so well organized as in the Z Torrent file… shadowy figures from the underworld of South America, Italy and Europe all ready to […]

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  • Wild Dogs (2014)

    Wild Dogs (2014)

    Sinopsis: Yoo-Joon (Kim Jeong-Hoon) aspired to become a distinguished reporter, but he now works as a third-rate reporter. His personal life is equally a mess. He is involved in an affair with a married woman named Jung-In and he also has a gambling problem. He then hears from Jung-In that she wants to breakup with him. She is the wife of Yoo-Joon’s senior co-worker and she wants to fix her marriage. Yoo-Joon though wants to have Jung-In back even if […]

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  • Chinese Zodiac (Jacky Chan) 2012

    Chinese Zodiac (Jacky Chan) 2012

    Sinopsis: A globe-trotting adventurer uses high-tech gadgets to seek out priceless relics in this action-packed thrill ride starring the one and only Jackie Chan. Centuries ago, a collection of zodiac busts were the pride of China. Flash forward to today, and the bronze heads of those busts are missing. When powerful entrepreneur Lawrence (Oliver PLatt) offers a sizable reward for their recovery, the intrepid Asian Fox (Chan) races to find them, and ensure that China’s history is preserved. Meanwhile, Asian […]

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  • Kungfu Fighter (2014)

    sinopsis: Kungfu Fighter (2014),HD Movie

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