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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall

    sinopsis: For years philosophers have contemplated the question, “Who am I?” “Total Recall,” a remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie starring the less muscled Colin Farrell, asks the same thing, but does so with guns, three breasted women and explosions galore. Set in a dystopian world where most of the world is uninhabitable, Farrell plays a troubled factory worker desperate to escape a life of grinding drudgery. Without telling his wife (Kate Beckinsale) he goes to Rekall Corp. to […]

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  • A Man Called Horse

    A Man Called Horse

    sinopsis: he film is based on a short story by Dorothy M. Johnson, “A Man Called Horse”, published in 1950 in Collier’s magazine and again in 1968 in the Johnson’s book Indian Country. The basic story was used in a 1958 episode of the “Wagon Train” TV show. The episode title was “A Man Called Horse.” Partially spoken in Sioux, the film tells the history of an English aristocrat, John Morgan, who is captured by a Native American tribe. Initially […]

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  • Thirteen Days

    Thirteen Days

    Sinopsis: The film is set during the two-week Cuban missile crisis in October of 1962, and it centers on how President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and others handled the explosive situation.

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  • Komodo (1999)

    Komodo (1999)

    sinopsis: Science-fiction story in which a modern-day young boy comes face to face with Komodo dragons while suffering the loss of both his parents. Director: Michael Lantieri Writers: Hans Bauer, Craig Mitchell Stars: Jill Hennessy, Billy Burke, Kevin Zegers |

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  • feast


    sinopsis: Patrons locked inside of a bar are forced to fight monsters.

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  • Sinbad and The Minotaur

    Sinbad and The Minotaur

    Sinbad, his black first mate Karim and slave girl Tara embark on a voyage to Crete in search of King Minos’s treasure believed to be hidden within the fabled Labyrinth.[3] They are pursued by the evil Sorcerer Al Jibbar who bears a striking resemblance to Sokurah, the antagonist of the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.[4] Al Jibbar’s cannibal henchman is seemingly immortal, capable of surviving grievous wounds and highly skilled in the ways of the Indian Jettis, strongmen capable of torturing […]

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  • G.I. Jane

    G.I. Jane

    A female Senator succeeds in enrolling a woman into Combined Reconnaissance Team training where everyone expects her to fail.

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    Ethan Powell (Hopkins) who has been missing for a few years, living in the jungle with gorillas. Has been convicted of killing and injuring several supposed Wilderness Park Rangers in Africa, and is sent to prison. A bright young psychiatrist (Gooding) tries to find out why he killed them, but becomes entangled in a quest to learn the true history and nature of humankind

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  • Nicolas Cage (FireBirds)

    Nicolas Cage (FireBirds)

    The U.S. Government is willing to help any country that requires help in ridding themselves of drugs with support from the Army. Unfortunately, the drug cartels have countered that offer by hiring one of the best air-combat mercenaries and have armed him with a Scorpion attack helicopter. The army decides to send in it’s best people from it’s Apache Air Combat school. But first they have to be taught how to fly air-to-air combat missions.

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  • King Kong Lives

    King Kong Lives

    Kong falls from the twin towers and he appears to be alive!

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  • The Silver Brumby

    The Silver Brumby

    A mother tells her daughter a fable about the prince of the brumbies, brumby being a term for the feral horses of Australia, who must find its place among its kind, while one man makes it his mission to capture it and tame it.

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  • Heaven’s Soldiers

    Heaven’s Soldiers

    sinopsis: The film begins with high-level military leaders from both North and South Korea discussing the surrender of a North Korean 50 Mt nuclear warhead (Hangul: 비격진천뢰; RR: Bi-geok-jin-cheon-ryoe) in a secret underground development bunker near the DMZ. The warhead was secretly jointly-designed, but international pressure has forced North and South Korea to hand over the device and close the facility. North Korean officer Major Kang Min-gil (Kim Seung-woo), displeased with the conciliation of the Koreas, rebels and steals the […]

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  • Blitz – Jason Statham

    Blitz – Jason Statham

    sinopsis: A tough cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers.

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  • The Best American Movies 2014 | Legendary HERCULES – Old Home Movies

    The Best American Movies 2014 | Legendary HERCULES – Old Home Movies

    sinopsis: The Best American Movies 2014 | Legendary HERCULES – Old Home Movies Legendary HERCULES , HERCULES legendary , legendary film HERCULES , HERCULES full hd phimHuyen Thoai , casinos high notes , see phimHuyen Thoai HERCULES online , watch full hd phimHuyen Thoai HERCULES overs , dubbing hd phimHuyen Thoai HERCULES , HERCULES Thoai phimHuyen , watch youtube phimHuyen Thoai HERCULES , HERCULES vietsub legend , this latest action movie legend HERCULES , best action movies 2014 the legendary […]

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